Integrated Security

Pyxis Controls´ holistic approach to security is one that is focally oriented towards the end users and their needs.

Only after clearly understanding the engineering requirements of the client and their budget does Pyxis begin to setup an integrated solution to manage the present dangers on the security level faced by the client as well as any possible future risks that may arise.

System integration is basically the integration of systems and functions on more than one level. The solution links several systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Building Management, Voice Exchange and Data Exchange over TCP/IP.

The main benefit of using the TCP/IP standard is that of flexibility, modularity and redundancy.

All of the above systems then operate within a structured and preset hierarchy that allow the building or business owners to manage, monitor and implement rules in an automated manner in order to get optimal performance of the system and solution without having to regularly pursue events and transactions.

The benefits of integrated security are mainly time oriented. They allow the client to preset their needs and then enable the system to run according to them thus prompting the client only in the case of unexpected events.

Integrated security also touches on areas such as Human Resources & Accounting as well as Sales, Marketing and Data Management.

The more rules and regulations are entered into the solution the more synergetic the output is and the less chaotic the operation becomes.

Pyxis Controls strives to assist the client in producing the most automated and effective system.

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