About us
Pyxis Controls is a company dedicated to the design, development and productions of electronic systems and solutions; specifically in the fields of:
  • Access Control (Biometric & Card Based)
  • High End Integrated Home Automation
  • Time & Attendance Hardware
  • Interactive Intercom & Telephony
  • Building management system

Pyxis Controls has two international offices: one in the Kingdom of Bahrain and one in Austria. This bi-polar operation has allowed us to grow in a fast and steady way; allowing market penetration in emerging markets (notably North Africa & Middle East, India and Southeast Asia).

Our goal is to continuously develop our products and provide innovative solutions that will enable the consumer to benefit from technology whilst keeping it simple and economically accessible.

Our systems are designed to fit the needs of various market segments ranging from the private apartment/villa to large government and corporate entities. The scalability of our systems allows us to cater to the needs of this large pool of consumers whilst providing them state-of-the-art technology.

Our management team is a young, dynamic and very proactive one. Our engineers are highly qualified, dedicated and very innovative.

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